Hello! We help business and private clients across South Africa manage traffic fine payments and vehicle license renewals online.

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Free to Use

Access your traffic fines free of charge with no obligation to use our service.

Country Wide

We source traffic fines from all issuing authorities across South Africa.

Fast and Convenient

Instant traffic fine notifications and electronic payment options available.

Refund on Discount

We refund a percentage of any discount negotiated to your account.

We make it easy for everyone to manage payable traffic fines and renew vehicle licenses with no fuss.

  • Instant traffic fine notifications
  • Reminders of upcoming license renewals
  • Electronic payment
  • Refund on discount negotiated

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any questions about our service and what we can do for you!

Q Free, what's the catch?

There is none, we source your traffic fines free of charge and quote you to settle them on your behalf.

Q I'm a private citizen, can I use your service?

Yes, you can! Complete the online registration and register a private account.

Q Can your service manage multiple members of my family/business?

Yes, we do! Register your dependants (If they are licensed to drive, ofcourse!).

Q How long does it take to get my traffic fines?

Usually the first of your fines arrive within 24 hours after registering.

Q A 3rd party is proxy for my business, is this a problem?

No problem, we can retrieve your traffic fines where 3rd party proxies are registered on your business profile.

Q Do you settle Aarto traffic fines?


Q I received a court summons, what now?

Depending on the severity of the charge, we can provide legal representation with non payable fines. We have a legal team ready to assist with court appearances on your behalf for 'No Admission of Guilt' or 'Elect to go to Court' traffic fines.

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